Tracking Configurations

Tracking Configurations append tracking information to URLs linked in the email so you are able to gain additional insights and avoid messy (and manual) link tables. For example, if a campaign ID should be added to every hyperlink in the email, this can be done using tracking configurations in stensul. 

There are two types of tracking configurations available in stensul:

  • Global tracking configurations will be applied to each link added into the campaign. If your organization is using stensul to append global tracking elements you may have Tracking Configurations in the configuration bar.
  • Module tracking configurations allow you to append tracking to module level links. For example, if a hero image requires additional tracking this can be customized in stensul.  


Configuring Tracking Settings

In either the global or module tracking configurations choose from the dropdown list or enter the value for the open field. Once set, you are able to adjust the values later if needed. If tracking configurations are required, you will not be able to save the campaign until you have set values.

Do you require an update to your tracking configurations? Contact your CSM or email for assistance. 


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